The Guide to Giving Your Spouse the Perfect Gift

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If you are like me you may be struggling to find the “perfect” Christmas gift for your spouse. Or perhaps you aren’t worried about it now, but in a few days you will find yourself searching at the last possible moment.   That’s me, as I am usually scrambling at the last minute to find that “perfect” gift.

This usually leaves me feeling like I could use some help.  A handy gift giving guide at that time would be helpful. Well, a gift giving guide would be helpful at anytime, and would probably keep me from shopping at the last minute.

Everyone could use a gift guide

Something tells me I am not the only one this would help, especially for guys. So, to help the other last minute gift buyers and those who struggle with finding that “perfect” gift, I have put together a guide that is sure to help you.  This guide is useful for husband or wife, and should be used more than just around Christmas time.

Below is the guide to giving your spouse the perfect gift. Follow the guide and you won’t have a problem making your spouse feel special when it comes to giving him/her a gift.

  1. Give love. Love your spouse according to your vows. “For better or for worse…richer or poorer…sickness and health.” This gift is sure to please him/her.
  2. Give joy. Share all that is good in your life with your spouse. Be happy you have him/her in your life, show it and share it with them.
  3. Give peace. Be the first to bring peace in your relationship. When you have disagreements, you have the opportunity to be the peacemaker. Watch how that gift reciprocates.
  4. Give patience. When waiting, when your spouse makes a mistake and in any other situation, be patient with him/her. It may take work to develop your patience, but this gift will pay great dividends.
  5. Give kindness. Always treat your spouse with kindness. Consider them and their needs above you and your needs.
  6. Give goodness. In your relationship make integrity a high priority. Be good and “do right by them” as some of your grandparents may have said.
  7. Give faithfulness. Never put yourself or your spouse in a position to doubt you are faithful to them in any way. Be loyal, be true and be faithful by honoring your commitment to him/her.
  8. Give gentleness. Be very gentle and understanding with your spouse. When you disagree, seek to understand their point of view and respond thoughtfully and calmly.
  9. Have self-control. Do what you say you are going to do. Don’t let emotions, feelings, or anything else dictate your words and actions.

If you are a Bible reader then you know each point in the guide above comes from the 5th chapter of Galatians, verses 22-23. All nine of them are called the Fruit of the Spirit.

If you let these fruits guide you, then you will have no problem giving your spouse the greatest gift you can give them during this season and throughout the rest of the year. You will never have to scramble at the last minute to find the perfect gift. You will have given it to them on a daily basis and any material gift you give will just be an extension of that.

What gift(s) will you be giving your spouse this Christmas?

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Author: Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.

Jackie is an author, blogger, and speaker. He helps motivated but overwhelmed husbands and fathers lead and love their families, so they can have lasting, fulfilling marriages and influence on their kids. He is the creator of  The 7 Rings of Marriage™, and the author of The Family Leader Manifesto. Read more from him on his blog,, and Twitter @JBledsoeJr.

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  • Adam Smith

    Those are all great gift ideas, Jackie. It really puts things into perspective and shifts focus to what I should be thinking about. Thank you for this timely post. I can do a little better with all of those. As for other gifts I can give, my wife’s birthday is right after Christmas, so we do this time of year big. :) New clothes seems to be her favorite thing, so I will be going with that this year.

    • Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.

      Nice! Merry Christmas and Happy early Birthday to your wife! :)

  • Daniel

    Great post Jackie! I love the idea of sharing the fruits of the spirit with our spouses. Great idea.

    As far as material gifts, I am absolutely convinced that Pinterest is a gift from God to men. Unfortunately most men don’t even realize it. It is a glorified wish list. My wife has one and she pins clothing, jewelry, house decorations, etc and they are all things I know she would love because otherwise she wouldn’t pin it. So now, I don’t ever have to ask her what she wants again because I can sift through her Pinterest boards and pick from what I know she already likes. It’s amazing!

    • Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.

      Love it, Daniel! I need to get my wife to start using Pinterest!

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