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Being a dad has been awesome. It’s only been two months, but I have found out some very important information in this short time. Before I tell you what this is, let me just say that kids are a blessing. The whole kid thing is so new and exciting for us. Colbie changes everyday which makes it even more exciting. She’s starting to smile which makes me smile. And tear up. I’ve been more emotional since she’s came...

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I have waited a week or so to write about this whole Harold Camping thing, just in case he was sort of right. Incase God decided to come on May 22nd instead, just to make Camping doubt himself a little. Of course, that didn’t happen. If you are a Christian, you have thought about the rapture at one point in your life. You might ask for forgiveness constantly from God just to make sure you two are on the same page about your...

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We probably haven’t talked in a minute. So… What’s one awesome thing that happened to you this week? How are you doing? Really.

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Francis Chan on Hell

You’ve probably already seen this video informing us that Chan is now writing a book on hell. He does make sure to say that he is going to just put the facts out there. He also asks for prayer that he doesn’t put his opinions in there, but just the facts. To tell you the truth, I can’t wait to read this book from Chan. Everything I’ve read from his, I like. But, he is human, so I will wait to read his book...

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The above tweet got a big response last week, so it got me thinking about the negative mentality that people naturally have towards Mondays. Most of the negative mindset people have is about starting the work week. If you have a job that you dread, then I can see why you don’t want to go to work. So yes, I’d say that finding a job that you love is pretty important. Or, maybe money is that thing that makes you happy,...

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