lead by example

Leading by example is so important because people are looking at all times, whether you like it or not. It’s also important for yourself. You need to back up what you say with your actions. For those of you that work for someone, you’ve mostly likely seen this along the way and for those of you that own your own business, hopefully you do this. Leading by example is not an easy thing or most. It takes self-motivation. It...

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Bell & Hell

As you probably already know, Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived, which comes out on March 29th, has received some interesting feedback already. I will write a post on Love Wins once I read it, but as you can see from the release date, it isn’t even out yet. Here’s a post from someone who was able to get an advanced copy of the book. This is what we...

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where are the men?

I write on church quite a bit, but usually it’s on the positive side of church. There are realities you have to face at sometime, though. If you don’t face these, you will never be able to fix things that can actually be avoided. A problem that needs to be looked at is the declining percentage of men that regularly attend church. So, why don’t men attend church? Maybe it’s that a lot of things that happen in a...

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why be mediocre?

MEDIOCRE. That’s a scary word to me. Nobody wants to be mediocre. People never plan on being mediocre, but somehow in the middle of being in the norm, they look back and wonder how they got there. I guess there are those that are ok with it. Maybe it’s that job where you feel like you don’t make a difference in the world. Well, we’ll soon talk about finding your “genius” in no matter what vocation...

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Money is one of those subjects that make me uncomfortable, especially when it’s talked about in church. I guess I’ve seen too many television evangelists saying that if you give money you will own a jet someday. But, the Bible talks about tithing and giving, so I believe it’s definitely important. What do you think about tithing? How important is it or do you believe it is important at all? What have you seen happen...

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